Become An Elite Training Facility

The Aquatic Training Academy (ATA) works with public organizations and private businesses nationwide to conduct the most comprehensive and efficient aquatic training at your facility, so that you can spend more time focusing on kicking off the season and have peace of mind knowing all of your team is training to the highest standard.

By providing an interactive curriculum on-site — from open water sites and camps to indoor facilities — ATA’s instructors deliver an in-depth, reality-based educational experience for aquatic professionals.

What is an Elite Training Facility?

Elite training facilities are organizations that book training with our instructors to provide on-site American Red Cross aquatic certification courses to your aquatic team. As an Elite Training Facility, you get priority when booking dates, access to the best instructors across the country, and the ability to support your local community by allowing non-staff candidates to participate in training if space permits.

What American Red Cross Aquatic Training does the ATA offer?

  • Lifeguarding for Pools, Waterparks, Waterfronts, and Youth camps
  • Water Safety Instructors
  • First AId
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Boater’s Safety

What’s included in Training?

  • Comprehensive online training modules done at candidates’ convenience before training
  • Authentic in-person skills training (1-3 days depending on the course) which also includes site-specific training
  • Digitial access to all training materials
  • American Red Cross Certification
  • BONUS for Lifeguard Training: Lifeugarding Hip-pack with CPR Mask & Whistle
  • BONUS for Water Safety Instructor Training: Water Safety & Learn-To-Swim Curriculum

Why Train with The Aquatic Training Academy?

Advantages to becoming an Elite Training Facility and training your staff on-site:

  • Make hiring easier by training your staff on-site at your organization
  • provide staff with authentic and site-specific training on preventing, recongizing, and responding to emergencies
  • Maxmized pre-season training time with our blended-learning training model
  • Create more team-building opportunities throughout the course
  • Gain access to the best instructor trainers that cam helpe enhace your Facility’s Emergency Action Plan

The instructors are very kind and knowledgeable in the coursework and in instructing new guards. Throughout the course, they provided individual feedback and practice time to ensure all guards knew the proper techniques and were confident in themselves to complete the rescues. Finally, they were able to foster an inclusive working environment that made it comfortable and fun to learn in!

Rachel Tortora

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Become an Elite Training Facility!